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Relax knowing that you are protected with BIT Solution's reliable Backup Service, keeping all of your digital assets secure, in-tact and available at a moment’s notice.

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Cloud Managed Services

Private Cloud Solutions That Fit Your Needs And Your Budget

Today’s cloud strategy isn’t about technology, it’s about business outcomes. A distributed IT footprint demands true expertise to handle capacity management and planning, secure connectivity, and multi-cloud orchestration.

Give your team and your customers the flexibility and power to connect and collaborate confidently and securely anywhere on any device.

Managed cloud hosting is used by organizations to share and access resources such as databases, hardware, and software tools, across a remote network via multiple servers in another location. In managed cloud hosting, servers are purchased in slices or as a virtual server. Managed cloud services involve outsourcing management responsibilities and functions for saving costs and improving operations

Why Move to the Cloud?
  • You don’t need to purchase expensive server equipment, take care of its maintenance and pay substantial electricity bills.
  • Use only what you need. No need to own and manage costly infrastructure that’s often under-utilized
  • Scalability and Flexibility. Pay for additional resources only when they are needed and stop paying for resources that are no longer needed.
  • Cloud computing lets you and your team access applications from anywhere in the world at anytime. That means companies can offer their employees a flexible schedule, making a smooth transition to remote work.
  • Reliable cloud providers regularly upgrade their services following the latest industry standards and complying with regulations.
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Cloud Managed Services

Huge File Storage Apps

Fasten your all aspects of your software assets including purchasing, deployment & maintenance.

SaaS based Apps

Provide best technology to your customers with BIT Solution's Cloud Service

Hourly Billing System

Pay without any hustle, Hourly billing options to accommodate your bursting computing needs.

Self-Service Options

A wide variety of self-service options for provisioning infrastructure resources on-demand.

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BIT Solution's has been working with Top Companies Around the globe in IT Sector since from 5 Years Long time, lets start discussion on your project our team dedicated to sort your request.

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The strategic and technical partner to accompany you in your migration projects to cloud services such as:

Amazon AWS Service
Google Cloud
Micsrosoft Azure
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